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Break the cycle of emotional eating and yo-yo dieting?
Create a peaceful relationship with food, your body, and yourself?
Release what’s been weighing you down?
Experience the joy of mindful living?

If you are a stress eater, you are not alone.

Emotional eating has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. According to the American Psychological Association, 38% of adults overeat to relieve stress on a regular basis.
The good news is that clinical studies show that a mindfulness approach helps people lose more weight and keep it off.
You can end the struggle with emotional eating. Discover how to create a motivational mindset that enables you to resist temptations, relieve stress, manage your emotions, and avoid social pressure so that you can create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Hi, I’m Lauren Renee Archer

      Since 2005, I’ve been teaching people who want to lose weight how to break the cycle of emotional eating by mindfully redefining their relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves.
      You may be surprised to learn that I too have battled with body shame, food and alcohol addictions, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.
      Learning how to access the unconscious mind has improved my life so dramatically that I have dedicated my career to helping others transform from the inside out.

Lauren Archer earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Psychology. Her career launched at “Motivation Media” where she was trained in motivational education for Fortune 500 companies.  She has earned post-graduate certifications in Cognitive Behavior Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, HeartMath Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Fitness Training, and Sports Nutrition. 

She’s been in private practice as a Mindfulness Trainer and Hypnotherapist since 1992. As the Mindfulness Program Director for Sound Medical Weight Loss, she has synthesized her 25+ years of training and research into an online course, “The Art of Mindful Weight Loss.”

 Her book, “Six Word Lessons on Changing Habits: 100 Lessons to Stop Self-Sabotage and Gain Self-Mastery” is available on

 She speaks about Mindful Living in hospitals and clinics, for business and professional organizations, and in women’s empowerment groups.

Transform your relationships…

With Food

“This work has totally changed my life. My entire world has changed in regards to food. I have that “radar” for healthy foods that you talked to me about and I no longer crave junk food. I have been so shocked that I am now a healthy eater, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I am very happy that I met you and that you have really changed my life in such a positive way.”  – Kristina E.

With Your Body

“I lost 75 lbs in six months, and for me the key was an exercise Lauren suggested in finding my “why.” Once my “why” was clear, it gave me great clarity and focus. I was only going to do things that supported my why.” – Gordon G.

With Yourself

“My personal growth work with Lauren has been of great benefit to me in many areas of my life. This process has really helped me make some significant changes. I am learning to treasure myself, accept myself and my feelings, live a more genuine life, and invite my soul to really flourish.” – Irene F. 

Weight Loss is a journey of self-discovery


Emotional eating is an invitation. Your soul is calling you to awaken to a greater potential. Your hunger for what is truly meaningful, valuable and important cannot be satisfied with food. You can stay where you are, or you can answer the call and embark upon your path of self-discovery.

Get the 3 essential elements for sustainable weight loss…

Mindful Eating Plan

Mindful Eating Plan

Simplify your life with an easy to follow mindful eating plan that’s sensible, satisfying & sustainable.

Mindful Motivation

Mindful Motivation

Discover the secrets of mindful motivation so that following your plan feels effortless.

Mindfulness Skills

Mindfulness Skills

Empower yourself with skills to manage emotions, relieve stress, and resist temptations.

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